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The SEO (Optimization Search Engine) has happened to be a main target within the strategy of global marketing of the companies, since the greater number of click of obtains in this type of positioning. Unlike the strategies of SEM, the positioning SEO is a strategy to largish term where the Onpage aspects work as much as Offpage to secure a growth in the visibility of the page until reaching the first results search.

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A project SEO works beginning to know our possible client and to make an pre-audit of situation of the company, as well as of the direct competitors in the scope SEO. The secret of a good strategy concentrates in this investigation and an exhaustive Keyword Research (Search of key words that the users in the finders use).

Agency SEO in expert Madrid in the sector!

Paidvertisement Marketing is an agency SEO with experience, for that reason we elaborated with high accuracy the necessary actions so that your website obtains the visibility between the first positions of the finders, with the aim of helping you to obtain traffic, visibility and popularity in the natural results of the searches and that, therefore, this helps you to increase the sales of your company.

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What benefits contribute to the positioning Web?

positioning gets hold of SEO Madrid

It improves the visibility and it is present in Internet so that your potential clients find you within the results search

SEO Madrid gets hold of

With an agency SEO you will be able to increase the traffic from quality to your website so that you obtain a greater number of opportunities of qualified sales

It makes profitable the investment and it reduces the cost by acquisition of each client so that you obtain the greater benefit by sale

positioning agency SEO
positioning agency SEO
positioning agency SEO in Madrid
positioning agency SEO in Madrid

Our services of SEO

Your company will be in the first positions in Google

positioning Web SEO
positioning Web SEO

To contract to an agency SEO will help you to receive a greater number of visits, more requests of information, more calling and, really, it will help you to sell more, or are services or products

Your business will be recognized in its sector

This is due to that Google benefits to the companies that give the most direct and excellent information towards the search of a user, reason why will improve your image and prestige helping to the Branding of your brand and your strategy of Marketing Online

Phases of the positioning SEO

Phase of audit

The success in a good project SEO is in realising a complete audit of situation, competitors, etc.; as well as of the search of the most qualified expressions towards the objectives of the business that the users use to realise the searches

Phase of Implementation

The phase of implementation always must be careful and realising the changes accurately to secure the best possible alignment with the algorithm of Google and, therefore, which the Web is indexed with a correct friendliness

Phase of analysis and measurement

SEO in Madrid gets hold of

In this phase one analyzes the evolution and impact that have had the changes realised in the Web. For it, Paidvertisement Marketing will extract the following data for its study:

SEO in Madrid gets hold of

Traffic: characteristics and origin for the optimization

SEO in Madrid gets hold of

The volume of indexing and I connect entrants

SEO Madrid gets hold of

Obtained positions of expressions search

SEO Madrid gets hold of

Attainment of objectives determined to the project 

Users: characteristics and tendencies of the behavior IF YOU ARE NOT IT ARRIVES, NO


Each project SEO is unique and independent of any other company and, therefore, from Paidvertisement Marketing we think that it is important to use best cheap vps hosting plans and to realise a complete and customized study; as well as to elaborate a strategy that is unique. For it, one of our specialists will collect necessary to realise this study of situation and power to make the proposal more SEO fit and focused to the real objectives of each company. SEO will be very helpful and useful for your web because the services is including JavaScript and make your web looks better.

If you are interested in appearing in the first results search in Google to increase your sales, you do not doubt in contacting to us.

We helped you to initiate your project or strategy SEO

If you need direction or you look for a team of professionals, you do not doubt in contacting to us and one of our specialists will help you in your search.

It asks for your audit WITHOUT COMMITMENT

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