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It knows the reach your actions with the Analytical Web!

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If you analyze, you will have to respond all to these questions

visited products but in webpage

From what channels my traffic is arriving?

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Which are the visited products more of my Web?

analytical webpage

Work do the changes that I have done in my Web?

analytical webpage

How long of average they are the users in your webpage?

analysis with google analytics

What ages have your visitors?

How much do people leave in the purchase process?

Of all the scopes in which it is possible to be applied the verb €œTo analyze€ this consists of examining something in detail in particular, whereas clause all the parts that form it


What is the Analytical Web?

The analytical one, in which to Digital Marketing it talks about, allows us to measure and, therefore, to know. This will allow us to make the decisions necessary to make profitable the investments.

Analysis of Results

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analytical return Web

In order to be able to focus, to direct and to make profitable the campaigns that are carried out in the different platforms from Digital Marketing we need Vps hosting, to know the results that are obtained from each of them.

Return of the Investment

Knowing the results allows us to optimize the inverted budgets attributing to each channel the budget that needs based on the ROI (Return Of Investment or Retorno of the Investment) that is being obtained.

Google Analytics

google analytics for your Web

The platform of Google Analytics is a gratuitous tool that can be installed in any Web. Nevertheless, the important thing of this tool is not the own tool, if not them configuration possibilities that put at the disposal of the users.

Google Analytics allows to group to the visitors of a Web in segments according to its actions or behaviors; therefore, our work as Agency of Digital Marketing is to design the configuration of these segments on the basis of the needs of the clients; and it is that the options of configuration of Google Analytics must adjust to the active campaigns at every moment.

We helped you to initiate your campaign of Analytical Web with unlimited hosting we can have a control to make some changes,see perfomance etc

If you need direction or you look for a professional equipment, you do not doubt in contacting to us and one of our specialists will help you in your search.

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