email gets hold of marketing
email gets hold of marketing

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It connects and it fideliza to your clients with Email Marketing

You need to contact with your clients and to approach your supplies to them promotions or new products services?

campaigns email marketing

The best way to connect with them is through campaigns of Email Marketing. In order to secure that a campaign of Email Marketing has optimal results it is necessary to combine the following conditions:

campaigns email marketing

A correct Dedicated server hosting and segmented data base

email campaigns marketing

Measurement of the results

Attractive and adapted design to mobiles

email campaigns marketing

Basic update of data

email campaigns marketing

UTM customized for control

email marketingv

A platform from which to realise the shipment

Correct model-making and I connect

It connects with that still they are not your clients but they could be it

You need new clients?

email gets hold of marketing
email gets hold of marketing

If you have a data base of clients who have not gotten to realise a purchase and who you have been able to generate thanks to platforms as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Google Adwords€¦, the campaigns of Email Marketing can help you to turn these possible clients into real clients

What you need to catch those clients?

You need to design contents to his measurement and that really interest to them: Inbound Marketing. We do not have to send e-mails of massive form without to have worked the data bases since we will finish €œburning€, as vulgarly tenth in it Agencies of Marketing, to the users. As result, we will have a data base that will not contribute to us more than bad reputation

Data bases

email marketing data base

To have a promotion and data base updated with which to be able to realise supplies is some of the basic pillars in which to base any strategy of Digital Marketing.

How work do the data bases?

email marketing data base

It is not only tried to generate a data base to campaign of Email Marketing, if not to work envelope they and to qualify them in order to obtain more detailed data on each one of the users.

How we obtain the data bases?

They are had to realise different campaigns with a single objective: to complete a certain form of contact that promotes a certain service or product.

LOPD (Statutory law of Protection of Data)

Our recommendation as Digital Agency deMarketing is to always have, and at any moment, our data bases updated according to the legislation of the LOPD.

A focused strategy to conversions?

email marketing

In order to realise a focused strategy of Digital Marketing to conversions, it is necessary to understand that each platform is going to have its possibilities and that the combination of each of them is the secret of a really profitable campaign.

We helped you to manage your campaigns of Email Marketing and with right vps hosting company we can get the best result and significant growth

If you need direction or you look for a professional equipment, you do not doubt in contacting to us and one of our specialists will help you in your search.

It asks for your audit WITHOUT COMMITMENT

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