marketing agency offline in Madrid
marketing agency offline in Madrid

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The importance of an Agency of Offline Marketing

Offline marketing €“ the best complement for your strategy online

In many cases, with the publicity online it is not sufficient and it is necessary to have a greater diffusion in nondigital means. For it, in Paidvertisement Marketing, we will design the strategy necessary to obtain a greater repercussion in the market.

Which is the process?

offline in Madrid gets hold of marketing
offline in Madrid gets hold of marketing

A working chart would be elaborated so that, combined with the different actions that already are realised, Marketing and the Offline Communication it fits perfectly, complementing and helping, with a greater attainment of determined objectives.

Who takes it to end?

Many ways exist to publicize the companies outside the digital surroundings and for that reason, in our Agency of Offline Marketing in Madrid, we had the professionals necessary to develop these strategies of Offline Marketing.

Identity name brand

marketing agency offline

Each brand must and, in fact, it has his own identity. This must be reflected in all the supports, reason why the design of an Identity name brand is a truly important investment. For that reason an Agency of Offline Marketing is necessary, to be able to manage well that identity name brand of the company.

What is the Identity name brand?

The Identity name brand is what we are going to project of our brand, that one reason why we want that they know us.

Within this Identity name brand aspects as the Claim can be worked. A Claim is a phrase of not more than 4 words than it summarizes the essence of the brand. Of BMW, for example, we would say that its Claim are €œYou likes to lead€; of nougats the Almond tree would be €œReturns to house per Christmas€; of already disappeared Nokia it would be €œConnecting People€ and so many more than certainly are happened to you.

It is the exclusive Identity name brand?

The Identity name brand is not something exclusive of the great brands, each small business has its own Identity name brand and could operate it much more if it worked in it of conscious form; from harnessing the logo, the colors, the bags, the stationery store€¦ All these factors create the Identity name brand and cause that each business is unique, and most important, than the users perceive it thus.

It has to be my expensive brand to generate Identity name brand?


The Identity name brand is not only for expensive brands, on the contrary, brands as Lidl bets by a very clear Identity name brand with colors and with claim very direct €œthe quality is not expensive€; in this phrase already it is saying to you that it is a supermarket with low prices but that, for this reason, their products are not of low quality. To talk back this in a small business is totally possible, in fact, the own clients usually do it and are they those that grant the Identity name brand to the local businesses for want of a previous brand of which to make echo.

How be generated can Identity name brand?

In a population of about 40,000 inhabitants are truly easy and cheap to present a certain service or product without really much effort. But, to obtain it, you must have a recognizable image or, which is the same, an Identity name brand. We put an example:


You are a greengrocer located in a population of 40,000 inhabitants or a bigger city.


The public that you can catch is some 40,000 people, the image of your brand will be important.


We must consider the name, the logo, the bags, the luminous ones, claim€¦ Everything matters.


This is what is going to make your recognized image and this influences in the sales of the company.

Design of identity name brand and creativities

The users, every time, we lie down to read less and for that reason it is necessary to adapt the communications of the companies to this new form of communication that is characterized much more for being immediate and simple to understand; and it is that an image is worth more than thousand words, and more when we spoke of publicity.

marketing offline in Madrid

Manuals of corporative identity

Adaptation of manuals:

marketing offline in Madrid

In Paidvertisement Marketing we at any moment adapted all the creativities to the manuals of corporative identity of our clients respecting pantones of color and the existing typographies.

Creation of manuals

marketing offline in Madrid

In case of not existing corporative manual of image, one will be created so that this one is the guide on whom to base all the communication and the publicity on the different supports, as marketing agency offline we are enabled to create a manual of corporative identity for your company

Characteristics of the manuals

Some of the characteristics of this manual are appropriate uses of the logo, pantones, typographies for different supports or even, in case of being necessary, the design or the redesign the logo since it ages over the years.

Treatment of images

In addition, each one of the platforms in which the different creativities will be used require of a treatment of the different image, so that we adapted the design of the creativities. For example, for the campaigns of Facebook Ads the images cannot surpass 20% of the text on the total of the image to be able to optimize them and in Google Display the images must be adapted the 15 different sizes required by the platform.

marketing offline Madrid

Others of the platforms for which we realised the design of creativities are outer as marquees, buses, cartelería or Landing Pages.

Creation of computer graphics

offline in Madrid gets hold of marketing

Without a doubt, some of the demanded services more are the creation of computer graphics since its design is a key point of communication for many of our clients.

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